Taking on an Elephant-Sized Project

How we restored a beloved landmark

Last year, Cochran & Mann took on an elephant-sized project. The multi-million dollar restoration of a beloved historical landmark.

This is the story of Lucy—a 90-ton and six-story-high elephant who has been drawing in curious crowds and adoring fans for over 140 years.

Constructed in 1881, Lucy’s job was to cause such a sensation that people would come from miles away just to see if there was in fact a six-story wooden elephant in the town square of Margate New Jersey. The townspeople hoped that by drawing people in to see Lucy, they would fall in love with the area and buy up some real estate.

The idea worked—the town grew, and so did the number of people who came every year just to see Lucy. For over 140 years people continued to gather around Lucy, for a sight you can only believe with our own eyes.

All those years took a toll on dear old Lucy, and historical preservationists were worried about how she’d handle a restoration in her delicate condition. We are still honored to be trusted as part of the carefully selected restoration team who worked tirelessly on Lucy for over a year.

Nowadays, Lucy is sporting a fresh look and looks better than ever after her 2.4 million dollar restoration. Much to the delight of her loyal fans who couldn’t wait to visit her once again.

So, if you’re ever on the Jersey Shore, or in nearby Atlantic City, stop by to see Lucy in all her refurbished glory at 9200 Atlantic Ave in Margate, New Jersey.

Got a painting project as big as a 90-ton elephant? We know exactly how to get it done. Let chat about it.

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