5 Reasons Why Buttonwood is Your Go-To Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Painting Partner

Lincoln Ballroom

Better end result and great quality.

Since 1977, Buttonwood has been delivering real value in every project. Our painters complete projects on-time against tight, real-world deadlines, on spec and on budget every time, but delivering a “better end result” means more than just that. At Buttonwood, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied with every project. We strive to exceed every expectation, and we aren’t satisfied until you are.

Man working in Mutter Museum

Professionalism & expertise of our team.

At Buttonwood, we respect the time-honored values of professionalism and respect. We value clear, honest communication and hire only the most talented and experienced people with the highest commitment to quality and service. We listen to our clients, because we understand that in order to exceed your expectations we have to know what they are. As a result, we also work well with other trades, because we recognize that all of us are working towards the same goal—the highest quality end result for you, our client.

Silverman Hall

Meeting deadlines.

A project might be of the highest quality workmanship, but if it’s not finished on time, nobody’s happy. That’s why at Buttonwood, we ensure that we never say “yes” to something that isn’t possible, and once we commit to meeting your deadline, we do whatever is necessary to deliver on time, ever time. Part of our culture of quality and craftsmanship is the assurance that we will meet your dates. Simply put, we start on time, and we finish on time.

Roman Catholic High School

Experience with historic landmarks, special surfaces, and applications.

Historic landmarks add cultural significance and mark historical milestones, and for those reasons the task of restoring historic landmarks to their original splendor must be done by a painting contractor with expertise in historical restoration. Buttonwood Painting is the premier Philadelphia area painting company with expertise in restoring historic landmarks. From repair and restoration to specialty coatings and finishes, Buttonwood is your team.

Silverman Hall work in progress

Building relationships, not project lists.

Painting is a work of preservation and enhancement, and the same can be said for building relationships. Buttonwood Painting has been the premier professional painting company in the greater Philadelphia area for over 40 years because we don’t just build our portfolio, we build trusted relationships. We stand behind our work, and we stand behind our clients as a valued resource that can be trusted to be the best in the business every time we’re needed.